Friday, May 18, 2012

B-Meg Defeats Talk N Txt to become 2012 champions of the conference

In a game race to get 4 out of 3, both teams went further to the last drop of sweat in the basketball court taking the championship to game #7. It was Talk N Txt tropang texters Vs B-Meg.

Each game from Game #1 to Game #6 was a cardiac play fought to the last of the resources. There were countless series of 3 pointers to fund the scoreboard for both teams with truly a championship team's heart with respect to the players. At first I must admit that i have strong doubts over TnT if they ever will make to game 5 but no. The team proved to be a true champion and a strong competitor giving the powerhouse cast of players of B-Meg a hard time.

Finally taking the championship to game #7, it was an overtime that killed Talk N Text. The lesser heart gave in to the last minute. B-Meg prevailed to become the conference champion over TnT and it was not just a game. It was an all play fun for both teams and neither had anything to be ashamed of. It was a hard win, I must admit but in the end, sad to say, only 1 must remain standing proud in the middle of the basketball court and that team was B-Meg. Congratulations with the final score of - 90 - 84. Now, this coming May 20, 2012 will mark the start of yet another conference in the Governor's Cup league. Rain or Shine takes in Alaska Aces in Antipolo court for game 1 4:15 PM schedule. Watch out for this one as it starts the conference basketball series. PBA Basketball rocks!

B-MEG Llamados 90
Talk N Text Tropang Texters   84

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