Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Talk N Text takes down Poweraide to 3-0 in game 3 finals result, score sets in at 133-126

I was able to watch last nights game 3 for the finals of the PBA. As expected, Talk N Text prevailed with a high margin enough to take down Poweraide and defeat them to a 3-0 win in the PBA finals game 3. Castro and Jimmy Alapag with the big help of player of the game that night, Ranidel de Ocampo.

It was a cardiac game overall but still the giants prevailed and won in the end. Cardiac simply because the game went in to an overtime play for another 5 minutes with the crucial steal and shot by Casio, the pointguard of Poweraide. I saw Gary David almost lose his confident face when they were out by 5 point until a shot was made just in time to have the game in control with Talk N Text only ahead on points by 3 in 3.3 seconds.

It was the ball inbound by TnT in the last 3.3 seconds but luckily, the Tigers took a shot at an almost miraculous steal and a 3 point shot by Casio which took the game to an overtime. In the end, as what the basketball announcers are saying, fatigue will set in and I guess that's what happened. The Tropang Texters won 133-26 final score result (as far as I can remember). I was out, I thought that the overtime play was a signal that the Tigers will take game 3 but no. the Tropang Texters still managed to maintain composure and confidence. In the end, TnT prevailed over Poweraide.

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